Check In

2021 South County Showcase Check-In Instructions


TEAM MANAGERS: To check in, just make sure your paperwork is in order and then check in at the site of your game, 60 minutes prior to kick-off


  1. Overview

All teams ARE REQUIRED to have paid in full and check in their team before playing their first game on Friday, June 11th


The purpose of check-in is to ensure that all players are the right age, with proper Medical Release (the Cal South registration form) and that roster rules are met.


Some important advice:

 Stay Calm! (this is not the World Cup)

 Be Friendly (the managers are volunteers, reading off a manual, and for most it is the first time they are doing this task.)

 Focus on Safety (Cal South paperwork is super important for insurance coverage and medical release)

 Have Fun!


  1. Check-in

Below is the process for checking in a team…we just need the paperwork, we do not need the players to be in at team check in.

 Find the printed roster in the Staff Book

 For each player on the roster CHECK the following:

o Name on the roster matches the Cal South Player Card

o Year on card is 2019/20 OR 2020/21

o Birthdate on Player Card in range for team (play up ok, play down not) **Don’t need to check birth certificate or Cal South forms unless there is an issue**

 If all GOOD

o Put a check next to the Player Name on the Roster

 After all Players are Checked

o Cross off any players not playing

o You and Manager sign the Roster

o Give the Manager Pins and other materials if applicable

o Give Manager game card for first match

o Remind Manager to return card signed by referee after match




  1. Special Cases

3.1. AYSO Cards

 AYSO cards are OK if AYSO team

 AYSO cards not OK if Cal South Team

3.2. Player Has Cal South Form, but No card

 Must have player card!


Call Assistant Tournament Director Brian Moore at 949.606.2428 if there are

issues as some exceptions were approved.


  1. Issues

 Stay Calm

 Find Resource to help

o Competition or play: Referee Coordinator

o Other:


Tournament Director Ben Helm at (707) 888-3967


Assistant Tournament Director: Brian Moore at (949) 606-2428